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Hey everyone,

So, I've definitely been thinking long and hard on this, and it's time. DeviantArt is an amazing website. Or, at least, in this photographer's opinion, used to be. I still think it absolutely has its uses, and I've met some incredible friends through this website. But, over the past two years, I've noticed a steady decline in the number of people that I've met and connections I've made. Or rise in the number of friends who've left the site altogether. This pretty much directly coincides with the rise of other websites (sad but true), as well as an influx of disgusting, inappropriate, and/or weird comments being left pretty much everywhere (inbox, on deviations, on walls) by people who seem incapable of reading comments left on deviations/interacting in a way that is socially acceptable. (And this is not to say other websites are perfect, they're not, but there seem to be more effective ways to deal with the idiots on them).

It's made for a very frustrating experience.

So, I've decided to take a giant step back from DeviantArt. I'm not leaving altogether, as I still want to support my friends and fellow artists on this website. What I have done is as the title of this journal says, reduce. I cancelled my premium membership. I've knocked down the number of Deviations that I have from 27 pages in my gallery to 10 (leaving a sort of "greatest hits", if you will). I might upload one or two new things in the future, but I wouldn't expect too much in the way of frequent updates. I've gotten rid of journals that weren't features or rants/opinion articles on topics I feel are important.

To all of my followers, I want to thank you so so much. You all have been fantastic about being engaging, respectful, and encouraging over the years. If you're still interested in following my work/working with me/want to keep in touch, I'm going to leave some links below to places where I'll update more frequently. If not, I completely understand.

Thank you all very much.

...see you space cowboys...

PigeonFoo Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Professional Artist
I totally understand how you feel.... I recently chose to cease updating my gallery on here. I still check for notes, group requests for my images and so on. But I will not be uploading new work to this site anymore due to the over all decline in quality of people who frequent this site and the behaviour of the masses coupled with the lack of networking I've been doing. Before the few rude comments were outweighed by the good connections I made... there are no more connections and far too many unwarranted remarks. We've reached the same decision many have... to just pull the plug and move forward somewhere else.
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June 30, 2015


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