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Yes, I put a smile-y face in my journal title. DEAL WITH IT.

WELL, now that that is out of the way, it's time to get down to answering those TOUGH TOUGH questions XD And, of course, showing you all the questioners' amazing works! Let's get to it!

Questions from this journal!:

1. DosikLens:icondosiklens:
Question: "What aspect of visual art do you find most compelling? Lighting? Emotion? Movement? Ext."
Answer: I could cop out and say "Everything!" In truth, there are multiple elements that I care about and pay attention to, but, at the end of the day, I think what I'm looking for from an image is simple. The Story. What kind of story is the image telling? How you light it, what kind of emotion you show, be it the background/setting, the pose/motion/expression on the model's face, etc etc, it all adds up to a story. And to me, that is the most compelling thing. There are plenty of images I've favorite-d that I don't like the source material, but the image was so well done, that I liked the story it told.

Featured Work:
Maya 2 - Borderlands 2 by DosikLensLightning - The Pedals by DosikLensUntitled Pascal Shot by DosikLens

2. R-Legend:iconr-legend:
Question: "What are the Top 5 Greatest Cosplays that you've done photoshoots of?"
Answer: Pfffffttttt *water sprays everywhere* Honestly, there is no way I could sit and rank the photoshoots that I've done in terms any of them being "The Greatest". I work with waaaaaaay too many talented cosplayers and models. However, I will list out 6 or 7 cosplay shoots that I feel were landmarks for me:

Panty and Stocking (Otakon 2011)- Up until this convention, so about three years worth of convention shooting, it'd been really hit or miss with me. I understood the basics, but had never tried to take it to the next level. I was a very average photographer who got good shots by virtue of taking THOUSANDS of photos. I'd say maybe 5 in every 250 I took were usable. During this convention, I decided to change it up. Due to some controversy/drama in the community, I went into this convention with a HUGE chip on my shoulder, and it definitely marked the turning point. The first time I felt as though I "leveled up" so to speak. (Side note, my shoot with melvinopolis as Sailor Neptune was a close second here. It turned out SO WELL too):
Panty and Brief 2, Otakon 2011 by MindFall

Painted Lady Katara (Katsucon 2012)- FushichoCosplay and I have worked together numerous times throughout the years. She and I have this wonderful, derp-tastic chemistry that allows us to get really great shots together. This shoot remains one of my favorites because I adored this episode of Avatar, and it was really special to get a chance to be one of the first photographers to shoot this costume (I pulled the photo from her gallery because she has a better image size up, hah):
Katsu '12 - The Hidden Identity by FushichoCosplay

Ms. Marvel (Otakon 2012)- I'm a HUGE superhero/superheroine fan. I adore comics, and Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel is one of my absolute favorite characters. LeapingLeigh makes a perfect Ms. Marvel. I remember her asking me if there were any costumes I thought she should do, and I immediately went to this. She and I did a TON of superhero shooting in 2012, good year, and I really want to work more with her and whiskers. I also remember this shoot, and just how every shot I took was perfect. In truth, I really really really really want to do another shoot with her in this costume now that I have my new camera!:
<da:thumb id="319305907"/>

GenderBent Connor [Assassin's Creed 3] (Private Photoshoot 2013)- MurderNurse. I believe I have worked with her as much, if not more, as any other cosplayer I've worked with. We always have an amazing time. This shoot was particularly memorable for me because we spent the day traipsing around a state park, getting awesome shots, and just talking. It was really relaxing, and a ton of fun. I still need to edit together the video I also shot during this shoot. Look for that on YouTube...soonish XD:
Assassins' Creed III, July 2013 by MindFall

Tie for Conventions Shoots in 2013- Caprica Six (DragonCon 2013) & "Evil" Belldandy (Katsucon 2013)- FireLilyCosplay and AmazonMandy. Two ladies who I'm totally not worthy of taking photos. They are SUPER talented, and are good friends of mine. And honestly, in meeting both of them, they were cool/super nice to me before they ever saw the quality of my work during a shoot. I love working with each of them, and 2013 produced my best works with them yet!!! (I'm hoping 2014 ups that mark!!!)
Caprica Six, Dragon Con 2013 by MindFallBelldandy 7, Katsucon 2013 by MindFall

Asuka [Eva 2.22] (Private Shoot 2014)- youraveragenerd and I have mainly done Sailor Moon shoots together (Not that I'm opposed to this!) We branched out twice, once at Katsucon, and then this year, we got together in Baltimore and ROCKED an Evagelion shoot. Seriously, this year has marked me making gains photography wise in leaps and bounds, and this private shoot definitely showed me that the sky's the limit!:
Asuka (2) [March 2014] by MindFall

Elsa [Frozen] (Ellicott City Photoshoot 2014)- I didn't really get to shoot with Flying-Fox that much during 2013. And I got a grand total of six shots during my best chance (the Ellicott City Phootshoot 2013). SO, we plotted that epicosity would be had during the EC shoot of 2014, and honestly, it's some of the work I'm happiest with to date:
Elsa, Ellicott City Photoshoot 2014 by MindFall

Also, this is just what I'm remembering this late. Literally off the top of my head. I'm leaving so many memories/shoots out, and I guarantee you that I'm leaving out people that I'm going to feel guilty about later. These were the biggest landmarks that I remember right now. I'm sure if I was really to sit down and go through my gallery, I could find twenty more.

Featured Work (R-Legend):
Hotshot Cadet by R-LegendThe Light by R-LegendI Have The Power by R-Legend

3. AngelSamui:iconangelsamui:
Question: "What is your favorite spot at Disney World?"
Answer: The Magic Kingdom, hands down. Epcot is a close second, and I'm a fan of Disney Hollywood Studios, but to me, The Magic Kingdom is my absolute jam. It has my favorite ride (Pirates of the Caribbean), and I just tend to have the most fun at Magic Kingdom.

Featured Work:
Gogo Yubari by AngelSamuiReinette Sitting by AngelSamuiSuper Sailor Neptune and Uranus by AngelSamui

4. PaXingCai:iconpaxingcai:
Question: "What out of con location would you like to shoot at the most regardless of price or distance?"
Answer: After doing a bit of research, New Zealand.… plus, they have AMAZING beaches. The entire country has some incredible shoot locations, and I'd get to visit the LoTR set that way XD I would definitely require  the cosplayers that I brought with me to have multiple costumes lol

Featured Work:
Dark Mage by PaXingCaiElf by PaXingCaiCheeky Priestess by PaXingCai

5. ToxicRainbowsx:icontoxicrainbowsx:
Question: "Where did the username "MindFall" come from?"
Answer: Ha, This is a question that I don't think I've answered in this forum before. Nicely done! :D So, the name MindFall comes from MindFall Entertainment, which actually comes from my high school days. My junior/senior years, I hung out with 3-4 other gentlemen who were all also into video games and anime. Some had very very basic coding skills. At the time, I fancied myself an artist and a writer, and we had two others who were good with graphic design. We were determined to build our own universe, launch a game, launch a comic, and books. Needless to say, this fell through before we all broke off and went to separate colleges. However, when it came time to pick a name to start going by for Photography and Film stuff, I decided to use the name as a tribute, but changed it to MindFall Media, because it was shorter, and just a touch different.

Featured Work:
My Glasses! by ToxicRainbowsxOut of Reach by ToxicRainbowsxTug-Of-War by ToxicRainbowsx

6. Ashbrie:iconashbrie:
Question: "Have you been in the mood to shoot any particular costumes as of late?"
Answer: ALL THE SUPERHEROES! Not, but seriously, in terms of superheroes, I've been dying to shoot Black Widow (which I've done three times this year!), Kiani and Fathom (Aspen Comics), Psylocke, and Red Sonja. I've been really wanting to do a Thor shoot as well. Other cosplays that I really have been wanting to shoot= Daenerys Targaryen, Tharja, Zero Suit Samus, Jack Harkness, Oliver Queen/Arrow (CW's Arrow), annnnd Commander Shepard!

Featured Work:
Pride by AshbrieThe One to Revolutionize the World by AshbriePrincess of Valentine by Ashbrie

7. TifaIA:icontifaia:
Question: "If you were trapped on a desert island, and you are only given 10 rolls of duct tape to survive, what would you do with it?"
Answer: Ahhhhhh, the hardest hitting question of them all. Well, I can tell you that I would use 5-6 rolls of tape to help with the construction of some kind of permanent shelter. However, I wouldn't use it directly. In extreme temperatures (either cold or heat), duct tape loses its effectiveness. So, I would braid it into the world's most persistent rope (and hope that I got 10 quality rolls of the stuff, and not 10 crappy rolls), and use said rope to tie branches and leaves together. Anything I could find to tie down. The remaining rolls would be rationed evenly between having spare rolls for repairs to the living structure, and other inventive things I'd try to do. (Crude traps with duct tape anyone?)

Featured Work:
The Mind's Eye by TifaIADarkness by TifaIAGrowing Up by TifaIA

Question: "What's your favorite color(s) to play in MtG aaaaand what MtG cosplays would you be most excited to see and/or shoot? (I'm getting excited about Avacyn again now that my wings will be on their way to me soooon~)"
Answer: Ahhhh, Magic. I tried to get out. Twice. It's sucked me back in both times. Color wise, I'm a White/Red player, but I've forced myself to branch out and play Blue as well. I've got a solid Standard deck currently, but I don't love the standard environment. I'm going to be looking at retooling my deck a bit once M15 comes out (NEW AVACYN, YAAAAASSSSS).

As far as Magic the Gathering cosplays, I'm really really really wanting to shoot Avacyn, and Liliana of the Veil. Those are the top two costumes I want to shoot. Jace is a close third!

Featured Work:
DC 2013: Liliana by melvinopolisRWBY: Black Cat by melvinopolisOtakon 2013: In Command by melvinopolis

Allllllrighty folks, so that's it for me here! I love doing these, so please feel free to participate the next time one comes around!!!!

As always:

...see you space cowboys...

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TifaIA Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I aim to please with my questions. :D
AngelSamui Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm still so grateful for the time you've given me for a photoshoot!
mikomiscostumedworld Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
My question for your journal is "Which genre of geekdom is your favorite to shoot from: comics, anime, video games, pop culture?" Another question I have for you is what is your next con?
MindFall Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Juuuust realized I never answered these questions! Shit! In terms of genre of geekdom, I absolutely will shoot comics over almost anything else. It's what I knew as a little kid before anything else, and while I still watch a bit of anime, and love vidyagames, comics are my biggest love.

As far as conventions, my remaining ones for the year are Dragon Con and NYCC!
AmazonMandy Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Look at all these great pictures! You do such nice work, always happy to shoot with you. Not to mention you're a total sweetheart! :) I miss you!
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